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Wireflow Chandelier

Wireflow Chandelier

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The supporting structure for the Wireflow 3D is constructed by using black electrical cable and a 4.5 Watt LED light source; the lamp is characterized by these very materials which define the collection. The Wireflow collection electrical cables trace three dimensional geometries, which despite their large size, create a sense of transparency that defines its captivating graphic feel. It is available in 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 20, 43, 46 light heads.

All of the cable can be adjustable as you need. The cable is 118 inches normally. Please tell us if you need longer cables. It will be free to be below 315 inches.

Height (118") is adjustable.
1 head: 118" H
2 heads: 13.78" D; 118"H
4 heads: 17.72" D; 118"H
6 heads: 21.65" D; 118"H
8 heads: 33.46" D; 118"H
20 heads: 47.24" D; 118"H
43 heads A: 11.81" D; 118"H
43 heads B: 47.24" D; 118"H
46 heads: 59" D; 118"H

Size of the LED Light: 1.57" D
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