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Heracleum II Suspended Pendant Lamp

Heracleum II Suspended Pendant Lamp

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Always in bloom — The Heracleum II Pendant hangs like a chandelier of flowers. Each LED lens can be rotated on its stem, allowing for an infinite number of possible configurations. Nature meets technology, as this LED lamp is inspired by the Heracleum Plant. The white leaves ramify from one branch creating a very technical, natural structure. Heracleum is powered by Electrosandwich, a technique of coating conductive layers, very thin and delicate. A design not possible with normal wires.

Product Feature:
Beautiful ambient lighting.
Organic, natural aesthetic.
Rotating lenses with embedded LEDs.

Made to Order

Large (63 lights)

Height (in): 25.59
Width (in): 38.58
Depth (in): 38.58
Weight (lbs): 13.23

Medium (45 lights)

Height (in): 20.87
Width (in): 27.953
Depth (in): 27.95
Weight (lbs): 13.23

Small (30 lights)

Height (in): 15
Width (in): 19.69
Depth (in): 19.69
Weight (lbs): 13.23

Finish Options: Metal

Made to Order: Each one is one of kind.  Color and shapes may have small variations comparing to photos. 

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