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Heracleum Big O Chandelier

Heracleum Big O Chandelier

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Inspired by the plant from which it takes its name, the Heracleum Big O LED Chandelier allows one to interactively control nature. Well, sort of. Arranged on a Big O wireframe, a staggered array of 324 LED-illuminated Heracleum leaves can be freely re-positioned by rotating them around their thin circular stem.

Heracleum’s festive foliage crown turns into a more intimate embrace. Its joyful glow of merry branches is a glorious feast for the eyes. With its more modest diameter, its sparkling beauty may decorate all kind of interior environments, big and small.


1. Champagne Gold

2. Rose Gold

3. Sand Golden

4. Black

Small: 31.5" in Dia
Medium: 38" in Dia

Deluxe: 50" in Dia
XL: 83" in Dia

Finish Options: Metal

Made to Order: Each one is one of kind.  Color and shapes may have small variations comparing to photos. 

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