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Hardwire and Ceiling Mounting Kit

Hardwire and Ceiling Mounting Kit

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If you want to hardwire and hang your lamp from an electrical box in the ceiling, purchase this kit.  Included in this kit are all the necessary pieces:  5" round metal canopy, cord busing, mounting bracket, screws, wire nuts and screw caps.  

Here are the basic steps for installation:

(do this at your own risk. Hire an electrician or handyman if you are uncomfortable with electrical work)

1.  First turn off the light switch or turn off the circuit breaker to the electrical box

2.  Measure and cut the lamp cord to the desired length, add 5 inches for the electrical box.

3.  Thread 5 inches of lamp cord through the white cord bushing and canopy plate, finger tighten the bushing.  By tightening the bushing, it will clamp down on the cord and make it secure to the canopy plate.

4.  Remove the old light fixture and install the metal bracket to the electrical box.

5.  Split the last 3 inches of the lamp cord into 2 wires.  Strip 1/2 inch of white sheath from the ends of the wire.

6.  Use the wire nuts to connect the wires to the wires in the electrical box.  Connect the ribbed lamp wire to the black wire in the ceiling and connect the non-ribbed wire to the white wire in the ceiling.  Make sure all connections are secure and no bare copper is exposed.  If the bare copper from the black wire touches the bare copper from the white wire, it will spark and cause a short.

7.   Connect the canopy plate to the bracket with the 2 screws.  Adjust the height of the screws if it is sticking out too much from the bracket.  Use the white nuts to hold the canopy to the screws.

8.  Turn power back on and flip the switch to the ON position, if done correctly, your lamp should turn on.  If it doesn't turn on, you probably screwed up somewhere.  Now pickup the phone and call an electrician.

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