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Boule De Crystal Round Chandelier 48"

Boule De Crystal Round Chandelier 48"

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This chandelier is constructed of solid brass and clear K9 glass, a type of crystal used to make optical lenses and prisms. Evoking the spirit of minimalist design, each finely faceted sphere is hand-ground and polished to reflect and refract light.


  • Lacquered Burnished Brass/Bronze/Polished Nickel
  • Crystal ball : Clear/Smoky color
  • Chandelier Body: 48" diam., 9½"H
  • Minimum Height: 21½"
  • Maximum Height: 92"
  • Canopy: 4½" diam., ½"H
  • Rods: two 6", two 12" and two 18"
  • Weight: 93 lbs.
  • Size, color, material, style, number of lamps, lamp holder type and wire length can be specified upon request for customization. Please contact us.
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